Cardinia Shire’s NEW Mobile Library

The Cardinia Shire of Melbourne, one of Victoria’s fastest-growing districts, has for the past two decades, been faithfully served by just one of Brimarco’s many mobile libraries. The mobile libraries of Australia have been providing valuable learning resources to local communities for decades; these resources are invaluable as a way of educating Australia’s. As Victoria’s busiest mobile library, supporting over 55,000 visits every year, we are proud to have been approached to build its successor.

Brimarco was challenged with building a platform to support all the modern technology and accessibility of a purpose-built facility. This needed to be put into a format that can maneuver through both urban sprawl and open road reliably and efficiently. With over 40 years of experience building custom vehicles and trailers, Brimarco was thrilled to get a chance to build a new trailer to service this region.

Design Developments

For this unit, the Brimarco Capsule Widening system was extended along the length of a purpose-built monocoque chassis. This increased the potential capsule size to the full vehicle dimensions, further enabling an unparalleled space efficiency and spacious internal flow. 

An extending rear accessibility platform houses stairs and a wheelchair lift enabling users to make full use of the generous internal space. Developments in composite production have allowed us to reduce vehicle weight and create single piece roofing and walling. This also serves to prevent any potential water ingress over time and streamlines production lead times.