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General updates about the band

The GOTAFE Mobile Campus

The all-new GOTAFE Mobile Campus is a multipurpose educational facility designed to provide skills development and training as well as expert employment consultation to regional Victorians. Inside, the unit is a spacious warm environment with all the equipment, technology, furniture and fixtures to support the staff throughout the day.

The internal layout includes a private consultation room, spacious kitchenette, training space and video conferencing facilities, computer bank for workshopping resumes and much more. Watch the video below to get a full picture of the functionality this amazing facility can provide.

As a regional Victorian manufacturer for over 45 years, Brimarco is proud to be supporting initiatives which provide much needed training to regional Victorians.

Tour of the GOTAFE Mobile Campus

Hawke’s Haulage and Their Custom 3.5m Ultra-Low Widener

The Hawke’s Haulage ‘Tough As’ Heavy Duty Ultra-Low 3.5m Widener is on the road! Jason and Nicolle made the trip all the way from Warooka SA to Ballarat Vic to take a look at our facility before purchasing. They must have been happy because a short time later they were returning to pick up their brand new widener!

After that initial visit, John worked closely with Jason to establish the perfect specification. The trailer was customized with rear bi-fold ramps, a ring feeder coupling, timber dunnage box and customized branding. If you are ever in the market for a heavy-duty drop deck trailer, come and take a look around our factory and see for yourself what we do. Thanks to Jason and Nicolle for choosing to buy Brimarco!



Order a ‘Tough As’ Heavy-Duty Drop Deck trailer or widener this March and receive a starter pack valued at over $600 completely free. This includes:

  • 4 x 12m 50mm Load Binder Ratchet Restraints
  • 1 x Bucket (9m) of 8mm Transport Chain
  • 1 x Bucket (9m) of 10mm Transport Chain
  • 4 x Oversized Marker Flags
  • 2 x 8mm Ratchet Web Dogs

(Orders must be locked in before the 1st of April to be eligible) View our profile for more information on our range of best value Australian Made trailers.

Keeping in Touch with The Nankervis Farm

When Joe, Gary and Linda Nankervis picked up their trailer on the 10th of December 2019, they could never have expected what would happen next. In the devastating Australian bushfires of late December of 2019, the Nankervis farm tragically lost almost every blade of grass on their 1000-hectare farms.

With a hungry Angus herd to feed, their trailer was quickly put to work carting the required feed. Combined with the substantial repairs required to the farm and keeping on top of the normal chores the stress was immense. Covid-19 caused a raucous, but they were fortunately able to continue operating their properties on both sides of the border with minimal fuss.

A generous Spring and subsequent harvest provided a welcome respite. It is hard to imagine what could have happened had the weather not been so kind. Finally using the trailer for what they originally intended they have been picking up gear from Melbourne and moving equipment and machinery between their properties.

Thank you to the Nankervis family for sharing your story with us. We are inspired and in awe of the grit and perseverance, you have all shown.