Hawke’s Haulage and Their Custom 3.5m Ultra-Low Widener

The Hawke’s Haulage ‘Tough As’ Heavy Duty Ultra-Low 3.5m Widener is on the road! Jason and Nicolle made the trip all the way from Warooka SA to Ballarat Vic to take a look at our facility before purchasing. They must have been happy because a short time later they were returning to pick up their brand new widener!

After that initial visit, John worked closely with Jason to establish the perfect specification. The trailer was customized with rear bi-fold ramps, a ring feeder coupling, timber dunnage box and customized branding. If you are ever in the market for a heavy-duty drop deck trailer, come and take a look around our factory and see for yourself what we do. Thanks to Jason and Nicolle for choosing to buy Brimarco!