Jasben Ag’s 3.5m Ultra-low

Neville Morton has “done it all his life and he’s 70” and his son is looking to do the same. Neville and Ben’s family farm based in Stockinbingal, NSW (near Cootamundra) is a 1000 acre block that they crop with wheat, barley and oats.

Their company, Jasben Ag, also does hay haulage and contract work to fill the gaps. With decades of experience and a ‘can do’ attitude, they’ve been able to manage the continual growth of their business year on year.

Before owning the 3.5m Ultra-Low trailer, Jasben Ag had an old float used for carting headers and they used to spend “forever” setting up the outriggers. However, with a Brimarco trailer, Ben is “loaded and gone within 20 minutes of arriving”. Additionally, Jasben Ag has been able to pick up some local work carting excavators and graders for a local company.

Ben was amazed that with their new trailer you “don’t feel any swaying” and how well it has sat on rough roads. Neville’s brother has a Brimarco trailer which the pair had enjoyed borrowing previously. But borrowing only gets you so far when you need it every day! When they were looking around they “kept on coming back to Brimarco” because when you’re a “small business farming, they’re very good value for money”.

Appreciating the value of local business, Ben liked that our trailers are “purely Australian built” and that throughout the build we “sent him photos of the progress” from week to week.

If you’re in the Cootamundra area and looking to get equipment moved or need a hand with some contract work, contact Jasben ag and they’ll be able to help!