Larry Walsh’s ‘Tough As’ Trailer

Starting his own transport business in 1982, Larry Walsh has been anything but idle, eventually starting his own fertilizer sales and distribution service on the side. In 2001 he branched out into farming rice and now cotton, leaving fleet operations to one of his sons. Since then he’s been instrumental in developing Southern Cotton, a local ginning plant that won the 2015 Telstra Australian Business of the Year award.

At Brimarco, we like to follow up with how our trailers are going, to listen to our customers and learn about what they’ve been using them for. We value the feedback, what we could have done better, how we can tweak our designs. Chatting with Larry we’ve been learning how he’s using one of our 3.5m wideners and what it’s offered his business.

“From the first phone call to when we picked the trailer up, the experience was excellent”

With over 1200ha of irrigated cotton of his own and 1000ha of dry cereals of his own, Larry Walsh chose Brimarco’s ‘Tough As’ 3.5m widener to do all his dirty work. Since its purchase in 2017, he’s had “zero issues with it” having used it most days to move his overwidth excavators and tracked machinery around the farm. Describing it as “excellent value for money” Larry liked that he could buy local at a very competitive price. Larry’s trailer is just one of the many 3.5m Brimarco drop deck wideners that have become renowned for their durable build quality and on the job versatility.

“I’m local, I have a local business …. What goes around comes around”

Strongly believing that buying local was important, Larry aptly pointed out that whilst some trailers on paper looked very similar, when its made locally “you can look at it, talk to the people who built it”. At Brimarco we’ve been making trailers from the ground up in Australia for over 40 years. With decades of experience building trailers for all industries, we’ve felt the pain of hard droughts and the excitement of a good season. We believe in our product and want to work alongside our customers, to listen to their needs and innovate alongside them. We customize our products for what they’re being used for, we listen to our customer’s needs. If you are looking for a trailer, give us a call and we’ll see how we can add value to your business

A quick walkaround of a Brimarco drop deck widener