TENEX Rail – Know What You Want

At Brimarco, we love a customer who knows what they want. Almost a decade ago Matt Tennant saw a wheeled excavator on a railway line and knew…. that’s what he wanted.

Matt chose a Brimarco trailer before he even had the excavator and in 2012 TENEX rail was born. Starting as a borderline hobby, his business has quickly grown over the last decade to include three 22t excavators, several trucks, trailers, tippers, you name it! Based out of Seymour they do line building and maintenance across Victoria, NSW, SA and even some jobs in WA.

We’ve witnessed firsthand the fastidious care that the Tenex team take of their gear. They’re well known for it and It’s this pride and attention to detail that we love. At Brimarco we are proud to have trailers in their fleet, and look forward to seeing them look as good as new in the years to come!

The TENEX Workhorse

Tenex bought their second Brimarco trailer in 2018, choosing to go with an Ultra-Low widener riding on airbag suspension. Giving them a smooth platform for their many interstate trips into the rough terrain of NSW B roads. When asked about his Brimarco trailer Matt stated that they “have performed exactly as I need” and have lasted well despite being “always run up to their full capacity”. Their workhorse pulling these loads is a beautifully maintained 2016 Mack Superliner in a classy white to match

Tenex only strays from their core business of rail projects when they’re supporting a good cause and In January they took the time out of their busy schedules to do hay runs up to the Corryong region. Not stopping there, they offered their equipment and time to help anyone who needed it.

Thanks Tenex rail for the hard work and service to the local community!