The SJH Haulage Workhorse!

This week, we had a chat with Sean Haines from SJH Heavy Haulage to see how they are using their Brimarco trailer. Located in Walkerston, just outside Mackay in far north Queensland the good folk at SJH have been crisscrossing Australia with some pretty hefty payloads.

Sean called the trailer “pretty spot-on for what we needed”, having just described its recent trip from Mackay to Karratha in the Pilbara and then from Perth back across to Emerald. Since its purchase in January of 2019, the heavy-duty trailer has done over 100,000kms across Australia.

SJH on the move! Carrying a huge 777 Water Tank to Karratha!

Chatting to Sean about why SJH chose Brimarco, he laughed and explained that “you answered your phone on a Friday” and that elsewhere “we can’t get a hold of somebody”. At Brimarco, we never knew that answering the phone on a Friday was a selling point, but we are proud to say that we do. Jokes aside, it is understandable that in this industry, service comes first. Knowing that when you call, someone will be willing to drop everything and help, makes all the difference. Thanks to the team at SJH Heavy Haulage for choosing Brimarco!