Australia’s Best Value Heavy-Duty A-Trailer

The Brimarco A-Trailer has been designed and built as a response to the HUGE gap in the market for a Heavy-Duty Australian Made A-Trailer. Never before has an Australian Made A-Trailer been offered that can compare.

Brimarco has applied 45 years of experience building Australia’s most renowned customized heavy-duty vehicles and trailers to ensure our latest offering is a cut above the rest. With a Heavy-Duty three-year warranty on all our ‘Tough As’ trailers, we proudly stand behind our product and firmly believe that supporting our customers is the best way to do business.

Pre-Order build slots for a Brimarco ‘Tough As’ A-Trailer are available for delivery in the month of June 2021.

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The Brimarco A-Trailer ready for action

The Perfect Match

It will be love at first sight for your existing Brimarco trailer. For years Brimarco has been receiving requests for an A-Trailer of the same style and quality as their existing Brimarco. That time has passed. Looking professional and developing your brand is a key component of growing your business’s reputation. Every Brimarco A-Trailer will be personalized to match your business. But that is not all! More than just matching your paint and coaming rails, a Brimarco A-Trailer will match the exceptional build quality, reliability and ride of your B trailer.

Charlie Bamborough of CKB Civil noted that when he drove with it in his configuration he “didn’t even know it was there to tell you the truth”. The way a trailer rides is always the priority, and conducting our own in-house alignments allows us to ensure our trailers ride smoothly.

An Australian Made Masterpiece

Customized to Maximize Your Potential

Designed to match your fleet, the Brimarco A-Trailer is easily customized to augment your configuration and maximize your carrying capacity.

At Brimarco we focus on service and quality, not sales. Where many mass-produced or imported trailers are sold out of stock, Brimarco customizes to each individual customer’s needs. Whether you need a particular layout of deck tie-downs or just want to store your shovel in a specific spot, we’ve got you covered.

The Brimarco Tough As A-Trailer

Register Your Interest

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