Triaxle Drop Deck Widener Trailers

At Brimarco we make the highest quality fixed width and drop deck widener trailers in Australia. Our line of “Tough As” drop deck widener trailers are the toughest around, designed to easily deal with the harshest operating conditions and longest distance heavy haulage operations. 45+ years of innovation and iterative design have refined our drop deck trailers to give you the reliability and quality that will make your drop deck trailers last. Through optimising our production facility and efficient design principles, our lead time for making wideners is the fastest in the industry.

See below for more information on the 4 specific models we have for sale, all of which are proudly designed and built in Australia.

Watch the video below for a complete overview of our “Tough As” Heavy Duty drop deck widening trailer

‘Tough As’ 4m Drop Deck Widener Trailer

The 4m Ultra-Low Drop Deck Widening Trailer is the ultimate vehicle to suit your heavy haulage needs. Designed to tick every box, this 4m widener trailer has a lower deck below 1m, it maintains an exceptional carrying capacity even when expanded to 4m, it can be built as road train compliant and still has all the standard features and optional extras of our other trailers.

‘Tough As’ Heavy Duty 3.5m Widener Trailer

The Heavy Duty ‘Tough As’ Widener Trailer quickly transitions from 2.5m to 3.5m configurations, supporting an upper deck of 4m and a lower deck of 9.7m (9.3m for Road Train). At 2.5m it supports a payload of 25t, 23t at 3.2m and 20t at 3.5m.

This drop deck trailer is the product of decades of hard work and innovative ideas. It’s the small details that make all the difference and we’ve spent the past 15 years constantly improving the trailer. Details like the stone protection that comes as standard, or the simplified control systems for the deck widening hydraulics. All of these things are what makes a truly ‘Tough As’ trailer.

'Tough As' deck widener trailer on display

‘Tough As’ deck widener trailer on display

‘Tough As’ Ultra-Low Drop Deck Widener Trailer

With a lower deck below 1m, our ultra-low drop deck widener is designed as a cost effective and robust alternative to standard low loaders. A deck height of less than 1m will give your trailer all the versatility that you need for dealing with a tall/high payload. Unlike a standard low loader trailer, our ultra-low drop deck trailers have a full sized upper deck, giving you more storage options and making better use of your drop deck’s available space. Our ultra-low trailers can be made as a 3.5m drop deck widener trailer, 4m widening drop deck trailer or standard fixed width drop deck trailer. All of our 4m drop deck widener trailers are ultra-low units as standard maintaining a lower deck height of below 1m.

Brimarco Ultra Low 1m Deck Widener

Standard Features

Just some of the features that come with our trailers at no extra cost

  • All of our fixed width and widener trailers come at either 14m or 13.65m (road train length) as standard, however we can easily do custom lengths up to 14.6m.
  • All drop deck trailers feature an ATM of 44,000kgs (combined weight of the trailer and payload)
  • Premium mechanical suspension supporting 22.5″ wheels on all standard height drop deck trailers. Ultra-Low drop deck trailers and our 4m widener trailers come with 19.5″ wheels and suspension systems.
  • Air suspension is standard on our 4m widener trailers
  • All drop deck wideners and fixed width trailers come finished with a double coat of 2 pak paint (two colours)
  • 5mm lower deck sheets on all our drop deck trailers
  • All our drop deck trailers come with a toolbox for storage and a 49L water tank
  • Deck tie downs in various locations on all deck widening trailers

Optional Extras

This is by no means an exhaustive list, if there’s anything you need that we haven’t listed below, be sure to let us know

  • We make ultra low deck widener trailers to help with your larger payloads.
  • Our coaming rail protectors ensure your trailer’s quality finish lasts
  • All our drop deck trailers can have their length modified to suit your specific needs
  • Each drop deck trailer can be fitted with air suspension (standard on 4m widener models)
  • Spare wheels and extra toolboxes can also be provided for all models. Note that tyre carriers come as standard on all trailers.
  • Gate pockets and upper deck tie downs as well as 3-way twistlocks pedestals
  • Each drop deck trailer can be fitted with extra wide ramps or bi-fold ramps
  • Winches can make a valuable addition for responding to an emergency breakdown situation

Download Specification Sheet

Click the links below for our drop deck trailer dimensions and specifications. If there’s anything else more specific that we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Widened 4m Drop Deck

‘Tough As’ Drop Deck Ultra Low Widener

Bi-fold ramps on a Heavy Duty Drop Deck Widener

3.5m Ultra Low Drop Deck Widener