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Brimarco’s A-Trailer is on the Road

Brimarco’s First ‘Tough As’ A-Trailer is on the road with CKB Civil.

The gaping hole in the market for Heavy-Duty, Australian Made A-Trailers has now been filled. Our A-Trailer is Designed to perfectly complement your existing Brimarco and can be customized to maximize your configuration’s full potential.

Why get an A-Trailer? It’s all about versatility!

For the CKB Civil team, it allows them to carry all their gear in a single trip. Without their new A-Trailer, it would have taken two trips to move their equipment from Berry NSW to the Darwin RAAF Base for their most recent project.

The team at CKB Civil not only service the construction and earthmoving industry in regional NSW but also install and maintain highly specialized aircraft arresting systems in military airbases and airfields throughout Australia.

CKB’s Managing Director Charlie Bamborough described the trailer as “just brilliant” laughing that he didn’t know it was there on its maiden voyage.

A ‘Tough As’ A-Trailer is the Best Value, Australian Made trailer to increase your fleet’s versatility and unlock your business’s full potential. Contact Brimarco today to pre-order yours and we’ll have it ready for delivery before the EOFY.

The CKB Civil rig just north of Cooper Pedy

Now Available: Huge Savings on a Double Capsule Trailer

The last of Brimarco’s three double capsule trailers is still available!!! Brimarco re-purchased three of these barely used trailers over 6 months ago and has since given them a full refurbishment. With two sold, the last remaining unit is the last chance to capitalize on this rare opportunity.

Save over $500,000 of build cost and 6 months build time when you purchase this fully refurbished trailer complete with an OEM manufacturer’s warranty. Built and designed to last, this trailer represents an incredible value proposition for any prospective owner.

This trailer is currently fit-out as a 12 person mobile accommodation trailer but can easily be customized and refit to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a mobile office suite, track day accommodation, mobile education facilities…

With long term rental options available and huge savings on offer, contact us today before you miss out.

Hay Haulage and Contracting

James has been putting his gear to work this harvest. Since he took delivery of his Brimarco trailer he’s done a couple of thousand bales across NSW and QLD and is “over the moon with it”.

His Brimarco ‘Tough As’ 4m Widener is a customer-focused investment allowing him to move gear whenever needed. He can shift location at the drop of a hat and respond quickly to his client’s needs. The widening ability of the trailer allows him to quickly collect bales in the paddock and carry all his equipment with the one trailer.

James recently took delivery of his latest Krone Big Pack Baler and is keen to put it to work. This continued investment in efficient high-quality equipment will ensure he can continue to effectively manage the demands of contract work and the family farm at the same time.

Adventuring with Top End Crane Trucks

We recently spoke to Al from Top End Crane Trucks. For the last 6 years, Al has operated in some of Australia’s most rugged terrain, making regular trips from Humpty Doo into East Arnhem and Ramingining. These trips are through some seriously tough country, primarily on dirt, involving numerous river crossings into some seriously remote country. With the wet season fast approaching, there’s a rush to make deliveries without the risk of getting stranded when everything comes to a stop. In the wet season, access becomes almost impossible with air access the only option.

The photos above shows Al bogged on the Maningrida road where he was stuck for over 15 hours. This wasn’t the only time getting bogged on that trip! They also got caught crossing the Blyth river where the truck spent the night! Unloading the Franna to try and tow them out meant it got bogged as well! Finally, a grader managed to pull them both out!

When it comes to trailers Al has seen “plenty of them bend in half up here” and it’s clear the demands of the NT are just a bit too much for your average trailer! Al hasn’t had any dramas with his Brimarco and describes his as “reliable and heavy-duty”. Knowing four or five other people running Brimarco trailers, it’s clear to him that they have a reputation for getting the job done. A tough job calls for a tough trailer and Al has both!

If you’re up north and looking to get something moved, Al’s the guy to call. He’s got the experience and can make it happen! Thank you Al for sharing your adventures and choosing to buy Brimarco!